Do More, With Less Staff!

  • Reduce staff’s time answering calls
  • Give in-person guests better service

Never Miss A Phone Order!

  • Increase orders & revenue
  • Reduce customer wait time

Why use StrideQ ?

Scale your restaurants during peak weekend orders

Never miss a phone order or catering inquiry

Our restaurant partners report an increase in orders and tips, resulting in 10-20% revenue boost.

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Solve the shortage of staff

With StrideQ you don't need a dedicated person to attend the phone calls. Our restauranant partners save more than 2 hours of phone call every day and have seen their labor cost decrease by 20-30%.

Five-star customer experience

No account creation or password required
No app download required
No hidden fees or extra charges
Apple / Google Pay also supported
Order status update provided via SMS
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Say goodbye to hidden fees

Eliminate bloated bills. StrideQ takes no commission per order placed using our system. We do not take 30% commission off the top, no markups for small orders or service fees for your customers.

How it Works

Some of our Partners

Hear what Our Partners have to say

Francisco Rodriguez
Las Vegas Taqueria
‘‘I no longer need a dedicated person to attend the phone call. That person now helps with packaging and assisting dine-in customers. StrideQ solved my issue of hiring and retaining a staff who is fluent in English for taking phone calls.’’
Kaori watanabe
Seto Restaurant
‘‘Before StrideQ, everyday lunch hours were chaotic. When I am on the phone I continuously hear a call-waiting beep. Moreover, I have a queue of walk-ins in front of me. I knew I was losing business. With StrideQ my revenue increased by 20%.''
Vinod Guduri
Hydrabad Dum Biryani
‘‘Our Peak hours are so manageable now because of StrideQ. It is saving us at least 3 hours of phone calls every day. Both my customers and employees are happy. Also Onboarding with StrideQ only took 30 minutes and the transition seamless. We love the product and the service. ’’

Hear what Our Customers have to say

James Rhys
“My favorite restaurant never picks up the phone as they are super busy. StrideQ's phone ordering has made it possible to enjoy their food with no hidden fees or higher online prices.”
Charlie Wax
“Best ordering app I have seen so far. Phone ordering is easy & seamless”
Akash Modi
“Best is you dont have to create any account or remember any password to order on StrideQ. Payment through Apple Pay is also very convenient.”

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