Software to automate phone, online and dine-in orders for restaurants.

  • Boost revenue and profit
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Simplify upsells and reorders

Why use StrideQ ?

Scale your restaurants during peak weekend orders

Never miss phone calls and orders

Our restaurant partners report an increase in orders and tips, resulting in 10-20% revenue boost.

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Solve the shortage of staff

StrideQ improves front and back of house operations, enabling your team to serve more orders & turn tables over quickly.

Five-star customer experience

No account or app download required
No hidden fees or extra charges
Contactless payment
Apple / Google Pay supported
Order status update provided via SMS
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Say goodbye to hidden fees

Eliminate bloated bills. StrideQ takes no commission per order placed using our system. We do not take 30% commission off the top, no markups for small orders or service fees for your customers.

How it Works

Super simple ordering process
Customers scan a QR code or click on an SMS link to order directly from your menu. System works for orders online, via phone, or at-the-table.
Manage everything from anywhere
Our easy-to-use merchant app allows you to manage orders on multiple devices—even reroute incoming phone orders online or to your own call-center during peak demand hours.
Focus on the customer
Free up your time to focus on creating the best possible dining experience. We’ll take care of getting the order to your kitchen and communicating with the customer when it’s ready.

Some of our Partners

Hear what Our Partners have to say

Chandra ravichandran
Komala Vilas And Madurai
‘‘Komala Vilas has been using StrideQ for a month and it has improved our call-in, dine-in, and online orders so much that we started using StrideQ at Madurai Idli Kadai, too. With no contracts, its a no-brainer for others to try it out too.’’
Kaori watanabe
Seto Restaurant
‘‘We have been using StrideQ for the last couple of months. It’s solved our operational pain points, increased our orders, and made our customers happy. Onboarding with StrideQ only took 30 minutes. Every restaurateur should try the free one month trial. ”
Vinod Guduri
Hydrabad Dum Biryani
‘‘StrideQ solved our phone ordering issue. Also the credit card processing fee is covered by increased tips from the customers. I value the call center feature, contactless dining experience, and multi restaurant dashboard which gives insights on daily sales, items sales, etc’’

Hear what Our Customers have to say

James Rhys
“With no fees, the payment goes straight to the restaurant to support small businesses”
Charlie Wax
“Best ordering app I have seen so far. Phone ordering is easy & seamless”
Akash Modi
“Payment through Apple Pay is very convenient”

Get started with StrideQ in 2 Simple Steps

01. Give your menu, and food images—we’ll do the rest.

02. Create account to enable direct deposit in your bank the next day.

Sign up today, get the First Month Free

  • No onboarding fees
  • No contracts
  • Zero percentage commission